Cache-efficient numerical algorithms using graphics hardware

Naga K. Govindaraju, Dinesh Manocha
Microsoft Corporation
Parallel Computing, Vol. 33, No. 10-11. (2007), pp. 663-684


   title={Cache-efficient numerical algorithms using graphics hardware},

   author={Govindaraju, N.K. and Manocha, D.},

   journal={Parallel Computing},








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We present cache-efficient algorithms for scientific computations using graphics processing units (GPUs). Our approach is based on mapping the nested loops in the numerical algorithms to the texture mapping hardware and efficiently utilizing GPU caches. This mapping exploits the inherent parallelism, pipelining and high memory bandwidth on GPUs. We further improve the performance of numerical algorithms by accounting for the same relative memory address accesses performed at data elements in nested loops. Based on the similarity of memory accesses performed at the data elements in the input array, we decompose the input arrays into sub-arrays with similar memory access patterns and execute on the sub-arrays for faster execution. Our approach achieves high memory performance on GPUs by tiling the computation and thereby improving the cache-efficiency. Overall, our formulation for GPU-based algorithms extends the current graphics runtime APIs without exposing the underlying hardware complexity to the programmer. This makes it possible to achieve portability and higher performance across different GPUs. We use this approach to improve the performance of GPU-based sorting, fast Fourier transform and dense matrix multiplication algorithms. We also compare our results with prior GPU-based and CPU-based implementations on high-end processors. In practice, we observe 2
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