Vulkan 1.1.97 – A Specification (with all registered Vulkan extensions)

The Khronos Vulkan Working Group
The Khronos Group
The Khronos Vulkan Working Group, 2019


   title={Vulkan 1.1.97 – A Specification (with all registered Vulkan extensions)},

   author={Khronos Vulkan Working Group and others},

   journal={Khronos Group},




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This document, referred to as the "Vulkan Specification" describes the Vulkan Application Programming Interface (API). Vulkan is a C99 API designed for explicit control of low-level graphics and compute functionality. The Vulkan specification is intended for use by both implementors of the API and application developers seeking to make use of the API, forming a contract between these parties. Specification text may address either party; typically the intended audience can be inferred from context, though some sections are defined to address only one of these parties. (For example, Valid Usage sections only address application developers). Any requirements, prohibitions, recommendations or options defined by normative terminology are imposed only on the audience of that text.
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