Level-of-Detail Triangle Strips for Deforming Meshes

Francisco Ramos, Miguel Chover, Jindra Parus, Ivana Kolingerova
Universitat Jaume I, Castellon, Spain
In Computational Science – ICCS 2008 , Vol. 5102 (2008), pp. 86-95


   title={Level-of-Detail Triangle Strips for Deforming Meshes},

   author={Ramos, F. and Chover, M. and Parus, J. and Kolingerova, I.},

   journal={Computational Science–ICCS 2008},





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Applications such as video games or movies often contain deforming meshes. The most-commonly used representation of these types of meshes consists in dense polygonal models. Such a large amount of geometry can be efficiently managed by applying level-of-detail techniques and specific solutions have been developed in this field. However, these solutions do not offer a high performance in real-time applications. We thus introduce a multiresolution scheme for deforming meshes. It enables us to obtain different approximations over all the frames of an animation. Moreover, we provide an efficient connectivity coding by means of triangle strips as well as a flexible framework adapted to the GPU pipeline. Our approach enables real-time performance and, at the same time, provides accurate approximations.
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