Transparent Checkpointing for OpenGL Applications on GPUs

David Hou, Jun Gan, Yue Li, Younes El Idrissi Yazami, Twinkle Jain
MemVerge, Inc., Milpitas, USA
arXiv:2103.04916 [cs.DC], (8 Mar 2021)


   title={Transparent Checkpointing for OpenGL Applications on GPUs},

   author={David Hou and Jun Gan and Yue Li and Younes El Idrissi Yazami and Twinkle Jain},






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This work presents transparent checkpointing of OpenGL applications, refining the split-process technique[1] for application in GPU-based 3D graphics. The split-process technique was earlier applied to checkpointing MPI and CUDA programs, enabling reinitialization of driver libraries. The presented design targets practical, checkpoint-package agnostic checkpointing of OpenGL applications. An early prototype is demonstrated on Autodesk Maya. Maya is a complex proprietary media-creation software suite used with large-scale rendering hardware for CGI (Computer-Generated Animation). Transparent checkpointing of Maya provides critically-needed fault tolerance, since Maya is prone to crash when artists use some of its bleeding-edge components. Artists then lose hours of work in re-creating their complex environment.
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