DLIO: A Data-Centric Benchmark for Scientific Deep Learning Applications

Hariharan Devarajan, Huihuo Zheng, Anthony Kougkas, Xian-He Sun, Venkatram Vishwanath
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago
IEEE/ACM 21st International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Internet Computing (CCGrid), 2021


   title={DLIO: A Data-Centric Benchmark for Scientific Deep Learning Applications},

   author={Devarajan, Hariharan and Zheng, Huihuo and Kougkas, Anthony and Sun, Xian-He and Vishwanath, Venkatram},



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Deep learning has been shown as a successful method for various tasks, and its popularity results in numerous open-source deep learning software tools. Deep learning has been applied to a broad spectrum of scientific domains such as cosmology, particle physics, computer vision, fusion, and astrophysics. Scientists have performed a great deal of work to optimize the computational performance of deep learning frameworks. However, the same cannot be said for I/O performance. As deep learning algorithms rely on big-data volume and variety to effectively train neural networks accurately, I/O is a significant bottleneck on large-scale distributed deep learning training. This study aims to provide a detailed investigation of the I/O behavior of various scientific deep learning workloads running on the Theta supercomputer at Argonne Leadership Computing Facility. In this paper, we present DLIO, a novel representative benchmark suite built based on the I/O profiling of the selected workloads. DLIO can be utilized to accurately emulate the I/O behavior of modern scientific deep learning applications. Using DLIO, application developers and system software solution architects can identify potential I/O bottlenecks in their applications and guide optimizations to boost the I/O performance leading to lower training times by up to 6.7x.
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