OpenGL(R) SuperBible: Comprehensive Tutorial and Reference (4th Edition)

Richard S. Wright, Benjamin Lipchak, Nicholas Haemel
Starstone Software System
Addison-Wesley Professional, 2007


   title={Opengl{textregistered} superbible: comprehensive tutorial and reference},

   author={Wright, R. and Lipchak, B. and Haemel, N.},


   publisher={Addison-Wesley Professional}


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OpenGL SuperBible, Fourth Edition, begins by illuminating the core techniques of “classic” OpenGL graphics programming, from drawing in space to geometric transformations, from lighting to texture mapping. The authors cover newer OpenGL capabilities, including OpenGL 2.1’s powerful programmable pipeline, vertex and fragment shaders, and advanced buffers. They also present thorough, up-to-date introductions to OpenGL implementations on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, UNIX, and embedded systems. Coverage includes An entirely new chapter on OpenGL ES programming for handhelds Completely rewritten chapters on OpenGL for Mac OS X and GNU/Linux Up-to-the-minute coverage of OpenGL on Windows Vista New material on floating-point color buffers and off-screen rendering.
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