PMT: Power Measurement Toolkit

Stefano Corda, Bram Veenboer, Emma Tolley
EPFL Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
arXiv:2210.03724 [cs.PF], (7 Oct 2022)




   author={Corda, Stefano and Veenboer, Bram and Tolley, Emma},

   keywords={Performance (cs.PF), FOS: Computer and information sciences, FOS: Computer and information sciences},

   title={PMT: Power Measurement Toolkit},



   copyright={arXiv.org perpetual, non-exclusive license}


Efficient use of energy is essential for today’s supercomputing systems, as energy cost is generally a major component of their operational cost. Research into "green computing" is needed to reduce the environmental impact of running these systems. As such, several scientific communities are evaluating the trade-off between time-to-solution and energy-to-solution. While the runtime of an application is typically easy to measure, power consumption is not. Therefore, we present the Power Measurement Toolkit (PMT), a high-level software library capable of collecting power consumption measurements on various hardware. The library provides a standard interface to easily measure the energy use of devices such as CPUs and GPUs in critical application sections.
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