Optimizing High-Performance Linpack for Exascale Accelerated Architectures

Noel Chalmers, Jakub Kurzak, Damon McDougall, Paul T. Bauman
Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
arXiv:2304.10397 [cs.DC], (20 Apr 2023)


   title={Optimizing High-Performance Linpack for Exascale Accelerated Architectures},

   author={Noel Chalmers and Jakub Kurzak and Damon McDougall and Paul T. Bauman},






We detail the performance optimizations made in rocHPL, AMD’s open-source implementation of the High-Performance Linpack (HPL) benchmark targeting accelerated node architectures designed for exascale systems such as the Frontier supercomputer. The implementation leverages the high-throughput GPU accelerators on the node via highly optimized linear algebra libraries, as well as the entire CPU socket to perform latency-sensitive factorization phases. We detail novel performance improvements such as a multi-threaded approach to computing the panel factorization phase on the CPU, time-sharing of CPU cores between processes on the node, as well as several optimizations which hide MPI communication. We present some performance results of this implementation of the HPL benchmark on a single node of the Frontier early access cluster at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, as well as scaling to multiple nodes.
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