A Survey of Deep Learning Library Testing Methods

Xiaoyu Zhang, Weipeng Jiang, Chao Shen, Qi Li, Qian Wang, Chenhao Lin, Xiaohong Guan
School of Cyber Science and Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China
arXiv:2404.17871 [cs.SE], (27 Apr 2024)


   title={A Survey of Deep Learning Library Testing Methods},

   author={Xiaoyu Zhang and Weipeng Jiang and Chao Shen and Qi Li and Qian Wang and Chenhao Lin and Xiaohong Guan},






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In recent years, software systems powered by deep learning (DL) techniques have significantly facilitated people’s lives in many aspects. As the backbone of these DL systems, various DL libraries undertake the underlying optimization and computation. However, like traditional software, DL libraries are not immune to bugs, which can pose serious threats to users’ personal property and safety. Studying the characteristics of DL libraries, their associated bugs, and the corresponding testing methods is crucial for enhancing the security of DL systems and advancing the widespread application of DL technology. This paper provides an overview of the testing research related to various DL libraries, discusses the strengths and weaknesses of existing methods, and provides guidance and reference for the application of the DL library. This paper first introduces the workflow of DL underlying libraries and the characteristics of three kinds of DL libraries involved, namely DL framework, DL compiler, and DL hardware library. It then provides definitions for DL underlying library bugs and testing. Additionally, this paper summarizes the existing testing methods and tools tailored to these DL libraries separately and analyzes their effectiveness and limitations. It also discusses the existing challenges of DL library testing and outlines potential directions for future research.
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