Integrating GPUs as fast co-processors into the existing parallel FE package FEAST

Dominik Goddeke, Christian Becker, Stefan Turek
Universitat Dortmund
19th Symposium Simulation Technique (ASIM’06), Hannover, Germany, Sep. 2006


   author={Dominik G{“o}ddeke and Christian Becker and Stefan Turek},

   title={Integrating {GPUs} as fast co-processors into the parallel {FE} package {FEAST}},

   booktitle={19th Symposium Simulationstechnique (ASIM’06)},


   series={Frontiers in Simulation},

   editor={Matthias Becker and Helena Szczerbicka},




We report on our experiences with integrating GPUs as fast, parallel floating-point coprocessors into the parallel FE package FEAST. Since a full re-implementation of such a package is not feasible, we identify the smoothing of an outer domain-decomposition multigrid solver as a natural entry-point for a minimally invasive integration of GPUs. We address the issue of limited computational precision with a mixed precision iterative refinement approach and present preliminary timing results on a commodity cluster enhanced with GPUs.
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