Real-Time Crowd Rendering and Interactions on GPU

Zhang Yong, Yin Bao-Cai, Kong De-Hui, Yang Guang-Wei
Beijing Municipal Key Lab. of Multimedia & Intell. Software Technol., Beijing Univ. of Technol., Beijing
Computer Science and Software Engineering 2008 International Conference on (2008) Volume: 2, Pages: 1053-1057


   title={Real-Time Crowd Rendering and Interactions on GPU},

   author={Yong, Z. and Bao-cai, Y. and De-hui, K. and Guang-wei, Y.},

   booktitle={Computer Science and Software Engineering, 2008 International Conference on},






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The simulation of large crowds of characters is important in many fields of virtual reality, as they can increase the credibility of the virtual environments. Rendering large crowd of characters requires a great mount of computational power. To increase the efficiency for this render, we propose a GPU-based crowd rendering method. We present a novel hybrid rendering method using geometric representation for characters with more detail and dynamic impostors for characters with low detail. We also present a new framework to perform interaction task on GPU. The results validate that the presented method can get interactive frame rate while rendering large crowd of characters.
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