Method for simulation of coastal terrain on GPU

Jun Chen, Peng Sheng, Zhen He
Dept. of First, Guilin Air Force Acad., Guilin, China
Advanced Computer Control ICACC 2010 2nd International Conference on (2010) Volume: 4, Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 103-106


   title={Method for simulation of coastal terrain on GPU},

   author={Chen, J. and Sheng, P. and He, Z.},

   booktitle={Advanced Computer Control (ICACC), 2010 2nd International Conference on},





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The shader in the GPU are widely used to model coastal terrain, but the created terrain are of great similarity and unable to embody the differences of coastal features. To overcome the above disadvantage, we present a new modeling method for created terrain based on sketch map. Through specifying the coastal features type, the proposed modeling method can create according coastal terrain easily. In order to produce realistic looking scenes, we propose a method to implement the reflection and refraction effect of water in the GPU’s shader. The method can easily control the coastal effect. Experiments show that the result graphs are true to nature.
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