OpenCL embedded profile prototype in mobile device

J. Leskela, J. Nikula, M. Salmela
Devices R&D, Nokia Corp., Nokia, Finland
IEEE Workshop on Signal Processing Systems, 2009. SiPS 2009


   title={OpenCL embedded profile prototype in mobile device},

   author={Leskela, J. and Nikula, J. and Salmela, M.},

   booktitle={Signal Processing Systems, 2009. SiPS 2009. IEEE Workshop on},





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Programmable graphics processing unit (GPU) has over the years become an integral part of today’s computing systems. The GPU use-cases have gradually been extended from graphics towards a wide range of applications. Since the programmable GPU is now making its way to mobile devices, it is interesting to study these new use-cases also there. To test this, we created a programming environment based on the embedded profile of the fresh Khronos OpenCL standard and ran it against an image processing workload in a mobile device with CPU and GPU back-ends. The early results on performance and energy consumption with CPU + GPU configuration were promising but also suggest there is room for optimization.
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