A Method for Large-Scale Terrain Rendering Based-on GPU

Yi Zhu, Xiong Shi, Xiaoli Li
Coll. of Software Eng., CUIT, Chengdu, China
Second International Conference on Multimedia and Information Technology (MMIT), 2010


   title={A Method for Large-Scale Terrain Rendering Based-on GPU},

   author={Zhu, Y. and Shi, X. and Li, X.},

   booktitle={2010 Second International Conference on MultiMedia and Information Technology},





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This paper presents a method for large-scale terrain rendering based on GPU programming. The total terrain data is partitioned into many smaller pages evenly, and the real-time scheduling for massive terrain data is realized with viewpoint-based pre-loading method and the page buffer pool management technology. With the idea of LOD algorithm, each page is divided into some sub-blocks for batch rendering, and the cracking processing between sub-blocks of different levels is advanced to the pre-processing stage, so that the real-time operation on CPU is reduced. Experience has shown that the algorithm of this paper can make CPU and GPU work more harmonious, and the efficient rendering for large-area three-dimensional terrain is realized.
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