Real-time ocean wave motion simulation based on statistic model and GPU programming

Xiaohu Ma, Zhiwei Chen, Gang Shi
School of Computer Science and Technology, Soochow University, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
2nd International Conference on Information Science and Engineering (ICISE), 2010

@article{title={{Real-time ocean wave motion simulation based on statistic model and GPU programming}},

   author={Ma, Xiaohu and Chen, Zhiwei and Shi, Gang}


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This paper will discuss the method of simulating ocean waves basing on statistic model and GPU programming. In the method, the ocean surface is viewed as a height field, which is obtained by Phillips spectrum and 2D FFT. In order to realize the realistic scene, we take full advantage of the extended functions of GPU during the real time rendering, such as multi-texture mapping, cube mapping, vertex shader and pixel shader. The optical reflection and refraction of wave surface are rendered by cube mapping and the caustics underwater are implemented by multi-texture mapping. The experimental results show that the proposed method acquires satisfied effects in real-time and reality.
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