GPU-based real-time simulation and rendering of unbounded ocean surface

Xudong Yang, Xuexian Pi, Liang Zeng, Sikun Li
National University of Defense Technology, Changsha, China
Ninth International Conference on Computer Aided Design and Computer Graphics, 2005


   title={GPU-based real-time simulation and rendering of unbounded ocean surface},

   author={Yang, X. and Pi, X. and Zeng, L. and Li, S.},


   publisher={IEEE Computer Society}


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We present a multi-resolution mesh model of the ocean surface based on a straightforward terrain LOD scheme, tiled quad-tree, with that the region of ocean surface can be extended limitlessly and readily adapted for GPU acceleration. We have introduced the concept of wrapped fractal surface (WFS) for generating height field map of the ocean. Through WFS self-mapping, we can create a series of WFS and obtain the height field map at discrete times without repeating tiles. By interpolating the height map at regular intervals we can build an ocean surface continuously and dynamically. This paper also studied shallow ocean waves concerned about affects of seaboard and underwater terrain. Experimental results showed that our approach was effective and would satisfy the requirements of a realistic real-time navigation for large-scale seascape.
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