GPU-Accelerated Shape Simplification for Mechanical-Based Applications

Jon Hjelmervik, Jean-Claude Leon
SINTEFICT, Postbox 124, Blindern, 0314 Oslo
IEEE International Conference on Shape Modeling and Applications, 2007. SMI ’07.


   title={GPU-accelerated shape simplification for mechanical-based applications},

   author={Hjelmervik, J. and L{‘e}on, J.C.},

   booktitle={Shape Modeling and Applications, 2007. SMI’07. IEEE International Conference on},





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In this paper we present a GPU-based method for removing shape details of 3D models. 3D models used in finite element analysis (FEA) are often either constructed for the purpose of manufacturing, or a result of 3D scanning. The models therefore contain shape details that are neither important for FEA nor compatible with the mechanical hypotheses. Vertex removal is a popular method for removing geometrical details where vertices are removed one by one, provided certain constraints are satisfied. The constraints can either be based purely on geometrical properties, or also on mechanical ones. The computations required in this process can be time consuming, especially if mechanical constraints are involved. The main idea behind our method is to perform the computations for all the vertices in parallel using graphics hardware, and then use the CPU to maintain the data structure representing the triangulation. As a result, simplification functions can stay interactive while incorporating complementary mechanically-based criteria in addition to the geometric ones involved in shape transformation.
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