I3DC: Interactive Three-Dimensional Cubes

Ke Yang, Yinan Li, Qiong Luo, P.V. Sander, Jiaoying Shi
Comput. Sci. Dept., Zhejiang Univ., Hangzhou
IEEE 25th International Conference on Data Engineering, 2009. ICDE ’09


   title={I3DC: Interactive Three-Dimensional Cubes},

   author={Yang, K. and Li, Y. and Luo, Q. and Sander, P.V. and Shi, J.},

   booktitle={Data Engineering, 2009. ICDE’09. IEEE 25th International Conference on},





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We present the I3DC system prototype, which constructs the cube for tens of millions of data items within milliseconds, and provides high-quality cube visualization as well as highly-interactive OLAP operations. Our approach is based on a novel blending-as-aggregation (BAA) algorithm that maps distributive OLAP aggregations to the intrinsic rendering mechanisms of the GPU. Our system runs entirely on the GPU and requires no precomputations.
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