Full-resolution interactive CPU volume rendering with coherent BVH traversal

A. Knoll, S. Thelen, I. Wald, C.D. Hansen, H. Hagen, M.E. Papka
IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium (PacificVis), 2011


   title={Full-resolution interactive CPU volume rendering with coherent BVH traversal},

   author={Knoll, A. and Thelen, S. and Wald, I. and Hansen, C.D. and Hagen, H. and Papka, M.E.},

   booktitle={Pacific Visualization Symposium (PacificVis), 2011 IEEE},





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We present an efficient method for volume rendering by ray casting on the CPU. We employ coherent packet traversal of an implicit bounding volume hierarchy, heuristically pruned using preintegrated transfer functions, to exploit empty or homogeneous space. We also detail SIMD optimizations for volumetric integration, trilinear interpolation, and gradient lighting. The resulting system performs well on low-end and laptop hardware, and can outperform out-of-core GPU methods by orders of magnitude when rendering large volumes without level-of-detail (LOD) on a workstation. We show that, while slower than GPU methods for low-resolution volumes, an optimized CPU renderer does not require LOD to achieve interactive performance on large data sets.
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