Large-Scale Stereo Display Wall Using Programmable Graphics Hardware

Ig-Jae Kim, Sang Chul Ahn, Hyoung-Gon Kim
Imaging Media Res. Center, KIST, Seoul
3DTV Conference: The True Vision – Capture, Transmission and Display of 3D Video, 2008


   title={Large-Scale Stereo Display Wall Using Programmable Graphics Hardware},

   author={Kim, I.J. and Ahn, S.C. and Kim, H.G.},

   booktitle={3DTV Conference: The True Vision-Capture, Transmission and Display of 3D Video, 2008},





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In this paper, we present an large-scale stereo display wall system for tangible telemeeting using programmable graphics hardware. For tangible telemeeting, it is important to provide immersive display with high resolution image to cover up the field of view and provide to the local user the same environment as that of remote site. To achieve these, a high resolution image needs to be transmitted for reconstruction of remote world, and it should be displayed using a large display. However, it is hard to transmit high resolution image in real time due to the limit of network bandwidth, and so we receive multiple images and reconstruct a remote world with received images in advance. Then, we update only a specific area where remote user exists by receiving low resolution image in real-time. We synthesize the transmitted image to the existing environmental map of remote world and display it as a stereo image. For this, we developed a new system which supports GPU based real time warping, blending and automatic feature extraction using machine vision technique.
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