Interactive Dynamic Water Surface Fast Rendering Algorithm

Qin Bo, Yao Shuran, Xie Cui
Dept. of Comput. Sci. & Technol., Ocean Univ. of China, Qingdao
International Symposium on Information Science and Engineering, 2008. ISISE ’08


   title={Interactive Dynamic Water Surface Fast Rendering Algorithm},

   author={Bo, Q. and Shuran, Y. and Cui, X.},

   booktitle={Information Science and Engineering, 2008. ISISE’08. International Symposium on},






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Dynamic water surface simulation is an important part of simulating natural scene. Ben Humphrey used projection texture mapping, depth texture and mobile texture to render dynamic water surface and got a good result. In this paper, an improvement method will presented for speeding up its rendering speed and enhancing the rendering effects. It uses a viewpoint correlative method to replace depth texture for rendering the refractive effect and adds three parameters to control the direction of water movement, light intensity and size of waves. By interactive adjusting these parameters, the method can simulate the different states of the water surface. The experiment results show that this method can get faster rendering efficiency and more realistic effect.
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