Energy-saving techniques for low-power graphics processing unit

Chia-Ming Chang, Shao-Yi Chien, You-Ming Tsao, Chih-Hao Sun, Ka-Hang Lok, Yu-Jung Cheng
Dept. of Electr. Eng., Nat. Taiwan Univ., Taipei
International SoC Design Conference, 2008. ISOCC ’08


   title={Energy-saving techniques for low-power graphics processing unit},

   author={Chang, C.M. and Chien, S.Y. and Tsao, Y.M. and Sun, C.H. and Lok, K.H. and Cheng, Y.J.},

   booktitle={SoC Design Conference, 2008. ISOCC’08. International},






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This paper presents a graphics processing unit with energy-saving techniques. Several techniques and architectures are proposed to achieve high performance with low power consumption. First of all, low power core pipeline is designed with 2-issue VLIW architecture to reduce power consumption while achieving the processing capability of 400MFLOPS or 800MOPS. In addition, inter/intra adaptive mutli-threading scheme can increase the performance by increasing hardware utilization, and the proposed configurable memory array architecture can reduce off-chip memory accessing frequency by caching both input data and output results. Furthermore, for graphics applications, a geometry-content-aware technique called early-rejection-after-transformation is proposed to remove redundant operations for invisible triangles. As for circuit level power reduction, power-aware frequency scaling is proposed to further reduce the power consumption.
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