3D vision of electromagnetic fields in antenna and microwave technique

M. Polivka, J. Chlouba, P. Cerny, P. Hazdra, Z. Skvor
Dept. of Electromagn. Field, Czech Tech. Univ. in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
15th International Conference on Microwave Techniques (COMITE), 2010


   title={3D vision of electromagnetic fields in antenna and microwave technique},

   author={Polivka, M. and Chlouba, J. and Cerny, P. and Hazdra, P. and Skvor, Z.},

   booktitle={Microwave Techniques (COMITE), 2010 15th International Conference on},





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Two approaches, Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) and graphic library OpenGL, are used for active stereoscopic vision of electromagnetic fields surrounding selected antenna or microwave elements. Input data are generated by analytical relations or acquired by electromagnetic field simulators and visualized in the form of vector fields and field lines by active stereoscopy. In case of VRML freeware Quadroview and GeForce 3D Vision package from nVidia is used to acquire stereoscopic vision. In case of OpenGL implementation own stereo browser StereoEMview has been developed. Both approaches require a little bit different initial sources, knowledge of implementation tools and solution procedures. However resulting output is the same. Thus authors can choose which implementation is more suitable for their nature and available sources.
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