Interactive free form deformer for point-based objects by GPU acceleration

A. Beddiaf, M.C. Babahenini, W. Puech
LESIA Laboratory, University Med Khider of Biskra, ALGERIA
10th International Symposium on Programming and Systems (ISPS), 2011


   title={Interactive free form deformer for point-based objects by GPU acceleration},

   author={Beddiaf, A. and Babahenini, MC and Puech, W.},

   booktitle={Programming and Systems (ISPS), 2011 10th International Symposium on},





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The point-based representation constitutes a recent useful alternative approach for modeling enormous and large 3D polygonal models which contain usually millions of faces. However, and in order to allow the artists and the designers to work with such representation, a new mechanisms of FFD (Free Form Deformation) must be offered and that especially with an interactive response time or real time response (in the best case). This paper presents an acceleration of FFD for point-based objects and particularly splat-based with interactive response time, and that by exploiting the programmable GPU features of the modern graphics cards.
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