Hardware-assisted feature analysis and visualization of procedurally encoded multifield volumetric data

Manfred Weiler, Ralf P. Botchen, Jingshu Huang, Yun Jang, Simon Stegmaier, Kelly P. Gaither, David S. Ebert, Thomas Ertl
Inst. for Visualization & Interactive Syst., University of Stuttgart, Germany
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 2005


   title={Hardware-assisted feature analysis and visualization of procedurally encoded multifield volumetric data},

   author={Weiler, M. and Botchen, R. and Stegmaier, S. and Ertl, T. and Huang, J. and Jang, Y. and Ebert, D.S. and Gaither, K.P.},

   journal={IEEE computer graphics and applications},



   publisher={Published by the IEEE Computer Society}


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We take a new approach to interactive visualization and feature detection of large scalar, vector, and multifield computational fluid dynamics data sets that is also well suited for meshless CFD methods. Radial basis functions (RBFs) are used to procedurally encode both scattered and irregular gridded scalar data sets. The RBF encoding creates a complete, unified, functional representation of the scalar field throughout 3D space, independent of the underlying data topology, and eliminates the need for the original data grid during visualization. The capability of commodity PC graphics hardware to accelerate the reconstruction and rendering and to perform feature detection from this functional representation is a powerful tool for visualizing procedurally encoded volumes. Our RBF encoding and GPU-accelerated reconstruction, feature detection, and visualization tool provides a flexible system for visually exploring and analyzing large, structured, scattered, and unstructured scalar, vector, and multifield data sets at interactive rates on desktop PCs.
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