Dynamic IBR Techniques for Fixed Cost Stereoscopic Support

Jason Kimball, Vid Petrovic, Falko Kuester
UCI Calit2 Center of Gravity
Virtual Reality Conference, 2006


   title={Dynamic IBR Techniques for Fixed Cost Stereoscopic Support},

   author={Kimball, J. and Petrovic, V. and Kuester, F.},

   booktitle={Virtual Reality Conference, 2006},





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This paper presents a GPU based implementation of an imagebased rendering method for reducing the cost of stereoscopic rendering to the cost of rendering a single monoscopic image plus a smaller fixed cost. Our approach is to use the color and depth information from the rendered image of one eye to produce a reconstructed depthsprite which is rendered for the other eye. A GPU hardware accelerated technique for producing and rendering this depthsprite at rates above 60 Hz is presented. Our technique enables the real time stereoscopic display of complex and data intensive objects, which are currently constrained to monoscopic rendering technology.
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