Multiphase Fluid Simulations on a Multiple GPGPU PC Using Unsplit Time Integration VSIAM3

Akio Ikebata, Yoshihiko Muraoka, Feng Xiao
TOTO LTD., 2-1-1, Nakashima, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu 802-8601, Japan
Progress in Nuclear Science and Technology, Vol. 2, pp.491-497, 2011


   title={Multiphase Fluid Simulations on a Multiple GPGPU PC Using Unsplit Time Integration VSIAM3},

   author={Ikebata, Akio and Muraoka, Yoshihiko and Xiao, Feng},

   journal={Progress in Nuclear Science and Technology},




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This talk presents the implementation of simulations on multiphase fluid dynamics on hardware of multiple GPGPU architecture by using robust and efficient numerical methods. An unsplit formulation for the advection computation is proposed to take the place of the original split formulation in the so-called VSIAM3 method. The new formulation improves dimensional symmetry of numerical results without losing the advantages of the original formulation. We also devised a numerical scheme named STAA to capture the moving interface between different fluids. The volume of fluid function is transported by the above advection scheme, and then modified by an anti-diffusion step based on a well designed numerical flux that rigorously conserves the mass and effectively eliminate the numerical smearing around the interface. Our experiments show that it is able to maintain the VOF function in a well-regulated shape with compact transition layer between different fluids. We have developed a 3D numerical model for multi-fluid simulations with above methods incorporated, and implemented it on a multiple GPGPU computer. It is shown that the present model is able to adequately make use of the advantage of the GPGPU architecture. Through this research, we have built a numerical tool with adequate reliability for sanitary ware product design. Computational efficiency which is of particular importance for real-case design process is achieved by implementing the code on a multiple GPGPU hardware.
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