Real-Time SAH BVH Construction for Ray Tracing Dynamic Scenes

Dmitry Sopin, Denis Bogolepov, Danila Ulyanov
N.I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod
21th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Vision (GraphiCon’11), 2011


   title={Real-Time SAH BVH Construction for Ray Tracing Dynamic Scenes},

   author={Sopin, D. and Bogolepov, D. and Ulyanov, D.},



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This work is aimed at the development of effective algorithms for building of full SAH BVH trees on GPU in real-time. In this work it is presupposed that all the scene objects are represented by a number of triangles (the so-called "triangle soup"), at the same time the arbitrary changes in the geometry are allowed in the process of rendering. The proposed methods have allowed more than tenfold increase performance compared to the best GPU implementation known.
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