Eighteenth International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems, ASPLOS 2013

March 16-20, 2013
Houston, Texas, USA

ASPLOS is the premier forum for multidisciplinary systems research spanning computer architecture and hardware, programming languages and compilers, operating systems and security, as well as applications and human-computer interaction. The importance of such crosscutting systems research has been growing hand in hand with the amount of parallelism in hardware, the scope of distribution in internet-scale software, and energy constraints in all forms of computers, from wearable to exascale.

ASPLOS 2013 invites submissions on ground-breaking research on current and future computer systems, from low-power embedded and wearable devices to large-scale parallel computers. Submissions should emphasize synergy of at least two ASPLOS communities: architecture; programming languages; and operating systems. Papers on non-traditional topics are especially encouraged.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

* Programming and compilation for parallel, distributed, and heterogeneous systems
* Security, reliability and availability in distributed and cloud computing
* Software and hardware support for power, energy, and thermal management at all scales
* Programming models for existing and emerging platforms
* Emerging computing platforms, including molecular, biological, and quantum computing
* Virtualization, memory, and storage systems
* Application stacks for embedded and mobile computing
* Applications and systems that address social, educational, and environmental challenges

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