An Optimized Large-Scale Hybrid DGEMM Design for CPUs and ATI GPUs

Jiajia Li, Xingjian Li, Guangming Tan, Mingyu Chen, Ninghui Sun
State Key Laboratory of Computer Architecture, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
26th ACM International Conference on Supercomputing (ICS), 2012


   title={An Optimized Large-Scale Hybrid DGEMM Design for CPUs and ATI GPUs},

   author={Li, Jiajia and Li, Xingjian and Tan, Guangming and Chen, Mingyu and Sun, Ninghui},



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In heterogeneous systems that include CPUs and GPUs, the data transfers between these components play a critical role in determining the performance of applications. Software pipelining is a common approach to mitigate the overheads of those transfers. In this paper we investigate advanced software-pipelining optimizations for the double-precision general matrix multiplication (DGEMM) algorithm running on a heterogeneous system that includes ATI GPUs. Our approach decomposes the DGEMM workload to a finer detail and hides the latency of CPU-GPU data transfers to a higher degree than previous approaches in literature. We implement our approach in a five-stage software pipelined DGEMM and analyze its performance on a platform including x86 multi-core CPUs and an ATI RadeonTM HD5970 GPU that has two Cypress GPU chips on board. Our implementation delivers 758 GFLOPS (82% floating-point efficiency) when it uses only the GPU, and 844 GFLOPS (80% efficiency) when it distributes the workload on both CPU and GPU. We analyze the performance of our optimized DGEMM as the number of GPU chips employed grows from one to two, and the results show that resource contention on the PCIe bus and on the host memory are limiting factors.
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