ACM International Conference on Computing Frontiers, CF2013

May 14-16, 2013
Ischia, Italy

The Computing Frontiers conference focuses on a wide spectrum of advanced methodologies, technologies and radically new solutions relevant to the development of the whole spectrum of computing over the next few decades. The goals of the meeting range over from embedded to high-performance computing.
We seek contributions on novel algorithms, computing paradigms, computational models, application paradigms, computer architecture, development environments, compilers, or operating environments. In recognition of the maturation of several exciting areas at the frontiers, this year, we are soliciting papers in thematic tracks in addition to the general track. The topics of these tracks listed below are suggestive and authors are invited to submit their papers in the track that they believe matches their interests the best. In case the authors prefer not to submit to any of the thematic tracks, they are invited to submit their papers for review through the general track. The program committee has identified the following tracks for CF2013. In each track, a few key words identifying suggested topics for research are listed below. These topics are not meant to be exhaustive but instead, are broadly indicative of the range topics being considered.
Thematic Tracks:

* Algorithms and Models of Computing
Approximate and Inexact, Quantum and Probabilistic Computing, Neurmorphic Architectures
* Big Data
Analytics, Machine Learning, Search and Representation, System Design
* System Complexity Management
Cloud Systems, Datacenters, Computational Neuroscience, Neuromorphic and Biologically-inspired Architectures
* Computers and Society
Education, Health and Frugal Design delivering significantly lower energy and cost, Smart Cities and Urban Design
* Security
Architecture and Systems support for Side-channel attacks, Trojans
* Technology Scaling and Moore’s Law
Defect- and variability-tolerant designs, Graphene and other novel materials, Inexact computing, Nanoscale Design, Optoelectronics, coping with the Power Wall
* User Experience and Interfaces
Technology Convergence Enabling Psychology and Neuroscience guided design

General track:

Topics in the general track can intersect with the above themes and/or provide cutting-edge solutions in established disciplines such as: Applications, programming and performance analysis of advanced architectures next-generation high performance computing and systems, Accelerators: many-core, GPU, custom, reconfigurable, embedded, and hybrid, Virtualization and virtual machines, Compilers and operating systems: adaptive, run-time, and auto-tuning, System management and security, Computational aspects of intelligent systems and robotics, Reconfigurable, autonomic, organic, and self-organizing computation and systems, Sensors and sensor networks.

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