Low-Energy Application Parallelism 2013, LEAP 2013

May 21-22, 2013
London, UK

LEAP 2013 is the place to learn about and share the latest advances in the use of high-performance parallel computing technology on low-power mobile CPU, GPU, FPGA and embedded processors.

Two days of world-class education and networking will give developers, researchers, engineers and technology managers the vital knowledge they need to understand, assess and exploit the benefits of this emerging technology across a broad range of applications on mobile, embedded, tablet, and server platforms.

Submission Topics
* Applications; Computer Vision, Image & Video Processing, Crytography, and more
* Hardware: The lastest ARM, Mobile GPU, Low-power x86 and FPGA
* Software development; OpenCL, C++ AMP, OpenMP, OpenGL, RenderScript, CUDA, etc.
* Tips and Techniques for writing portable applications

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