CFD Simulation of Jet Cooling and Implementation of Flow Solvers in GPU

Md. Lokman Hosain
School of Engineering Sciences (SCI), Mathematics (Dept.), Numerical Analysis, KTH
KTH, 2013


   title={CFD Simulation of Jet Cooling andImplementation of Flow Solvers inGPU},

   author={Hosain, Md and others},




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In rolling of steel into thin sheets the final step is the cooling of the finished product on the Runout Table. In this thesis, the heat transfer into a water jet impinging on a hot flat steel plate was studied as the key cooling process on the runout table. The temperature of the plate was kept under the boiling point. Heat transfer due to a single axisymmetric jet with different water flow rate was compared to cases of a single jet and two jets in 3D. The RANS model in ANSYS Fluent was used with the k-e model in transient simulation of the axisymmetric model and steady flow for the 3D cases. Two different boundary conditions, constant temperature and constant heat flux were applied at the surface of the steel plate. The numerical results were consistent between 2D and 3D and compared well to literature data. The time dependent simulation for the 3D model requires very large computational power which motivated an investigation of simpler flow solvers running on a GPU platform. A simple 2D Navier-Stokes solver based on Finite Volume Method was written using OpenCL which can simulate flow and heat convection. A standard CFD problem named "Lid Driven Cavity" in 2D was chosen as validation case and for performance measurement and tuning of the solver.
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