Performance evaluation of CUDA programming for machining simulation

Felix Abecassis, Sylvain Lavernhe, Christophe Tournier, Pierre-Alain Boucard
Projet de l’institut Farman de l’ENS de Cachan Collaboration(s)
hal-00869774, (4 October 2013)




   title={Performance Evaluation of CUDA programming for machining simulation},

   author={Abecassis, Felix and Lavernhe, Sylvain and Tournier, Christophe and Boucard, Pierre-Alain},

   keywords={Machining simulation ; GPU computing ; CUDA architecture ; 5-axis milling ; CAM software},


   affiliation={Laboratoire Universitaire de Recherche en Production Automatis{‘e}e – LURPA , Laboratoire de M{‘e}canique et Technologie – LMT},

   booktitle={International Conference on Graphics Engineering},

   address={Madrid, Espagne},

   audience={non sp{‘e}cifi{‘e}e },

   collaboration={Projet de l’institut Farman de l’ENS de Cachan },





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5-axis milling simulations in CAM software are mainly used to detect collisions between the tool and the part. They are very limited in terms of surface topography investigations to validate machining strategies as well as machining parameters such as chordal deviation, scallop height and tool feed. Z-buffer or N-Buffer machining simulations provide more precise simulations but require long computation time, especially when using realistic cutting tools models including cutting edges geometry. Thus, the aim of this paper is to evaluate Nvidia CUDA architecture to speed-up Z-buffer or N-Buffer machining simulations. Several strategies for parallel computing are investigated and compared to CPU conventional and parallel computing, relative to the complexity of the simulation. Simulations are conducted with a professional CAD/CAM workstation equipped with a Nvidia Quadro4000 graphic card.
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