Direct Numeric Simulation of Sheared Convective Boundary Layer Entrainment with GPUs

Nicholas J. Stewart, David W. Holmes, Wenxian Lin, Steven W. Armfield, Michael P. Kirkpatrick
School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, James Cook University, QLD 4811, Australia
5th Asia Pacific Congress on Computational Mechanics & 4th International Symposium on Computational Mechanics (APCOM’13), 2013


   title={Direct Numeric Simulation of Sheared Convective Boundary Layer Entrainment with GPUs},

   author={Stewart, Nicholas J and Holmes, David W and Lin, Wenxian and Armfield, Steven W and Kirkpatrick, Michael P},



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Sheared convective boundary layers (SCBL) are a frequently observed boundary layer in nature and industry. This paper presents work conducted to validate a numerical fluid model of sheared convective boundary layers implemented in Nvidia’s CUDA programming language for graphical processing units. The code is based on finite difference implementation of the SIMPLE algorithm using the Boussinesq approximation to couple the energy equation through the buoyancy term. Work presented shows validation of the model on simpler test cases that are more thoroughly understood, and the model shows agreement with physical phenomena.
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