OpenCL Programming by Example

Ravishekhar Banger, Koushik Bhattacharyya
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Packt Publishing Ltd, 304 pages, 2013


   title={OpenCL Programming by Example},

   author={Banger, Ravishekhar and Bhattacharyya, Koushik},


   publisher={Packt Publishing Ltd}


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This book follows an example-driven, simplified, and practical approach to using OpenCL for general purpose GPU programming. If you are a beginner in parallel programming and would like to quickly accelerate your algorithms using OpenCL, this book is perfect for you! You will find the diverse topics and case studies in this book interesting and informative. You will only require a good knowledge of C programming for this book, and an understanding of parallel implementations will be useful, but not necessary. What you will learn from this book: Understand OpenCL Platform Model, Execution Model, Memory Model, and Programming Model; Explore the different OpenCL objects, APIs for building kernel, memory allocation, data transfer, synchronization, and many more; Get to grips with API explanations, featuring simple examples; Create image processing examples such as Image histogram and Image convolution; Learn optimization techniques with Matrix Multiplication and Histogram examples; Develop Bitonic sort in OpenCL; Build JPEG decoder using OpenCL; Construct linear and parabolic regression equation in OpenCL; Compose k-nearest neighborhood clustering algorithm from pattern recognition; Use OpenCL with OpenGL interoperability
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