Interactive Ray-tracing Based on OptiX to Visualize Signed Distance Fields

Taejung Park, Yangmi Lim
Department of Digital Media, College of Information and Media 33, Samyangro, 144-Gil, Dobong Gu, Seoul 132-714, South Korea
Advanced Science and Technology Letters (ASTL), Vol.43 (Multimedia 2013), pp.149-152, 2013


   title={Interactive Ray-tracing Based on OptiX to Visualize Signed Distance Fields},

   author={Park, Taejung and Lim, Yangmi},



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We propose a parallel ray-tracing technique to visualize signed distance fields generated from triangular meshes based on NVIDIA OptiX. Our method visualizes signed distance fields with various distance offset values at interactive rates (2-12 fps). Our method utilizes a parallel kd-tree implementation to query the nearest triangle and the sphere tracing method to visualize the implicit surface.
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