An octree-based proxy for collision detection in large-scale particle systems

An WenShan, Wang Bin, Paul Jean-Claude, Sun JiaGuang
School of Software, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China
hal-00920666, (19 December 2013)




   title={An Octree-based proxy for collision detection in large-scale particle systems},

   author={Fan, Wenshan and Wang, Bin and Paul, Jean-Claude and Sun, Jiaguang},

   keywords={particle systems ; collision detection ; octree-based proxy ; GPU},


   affiliation={cgcad, Thss , CAD – CAD LIAMA INRIA Paris – Rocquencourt, Tsinghua University},



   journal={Science in China (Series F-Information Sciences)},









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Particle systems are important building block for simulating vivid and detail-rich effects in virtual world. One of the most difficult aspects of particle systems has been detecting collisions between particlesand mesh surface. Due to the huge computation, a variety of proxy-based approaches have been proposed recently to perform visually correct simulation. However, all either limit the complexity of the scene, fail toguarantee non-penetration, or are too slow for real-time use with many particles. In this paper, we propose anew octree-based proxy for colliding particles with meshes on the GPU. Our approach works by subdividingthe scene mesh with an octree in which each leaf node associates with a representative normal correspondingto the normals of the triangles that intersect the node. We present a view-visible method, which is suitable forboth closed and non-closed models, to label the empty leaf nodes adjacent to nonempty ones with appropriateback/front property, allowing particles to collide with both sides of the scene mesh. We show how collisionscan be performed robustly on this proxy structure in place of the original mesh, and describe an extension thatallows for fast traversal of the octree structure on the GPU. The experiments show that the proposed methodis fast enough for real-time performance with millions of particles interacting with complex scenes.
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