Visualizing Trends on Twitter

Cheng Hau Tong
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2013


   title={Visualizing Trends on Twitter},

   author={Tong, Cheng Hau},


   school={Massachusetts Institute of Technology}


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With its popularity, Twitter has become an increasingly valuable source of real-time, user-generated information about interesting events in our world. This thesis presents TwitGeo, a system to explore and visualize trending topics on Twitter. It features an interactive map that summarizes trends across different geographical regions. Powered by a novel GPU-based datastore, this system performs ad hoc trend detection without predefined temporal or geospatial indexes, and is capable of discovering trends with arbitrary granularity in both dimensions. An evaluation of the system shows promising results for visualizing trends on Twitter in real time.

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