Hardware-Accelerated Volume Rendering for Real-Time Medical Data Visualization

Rui Shen, Pierre Boulanger
Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta,Edmonton,Alberta,Canada T6G 2E8
Advances in Visual Computing (November 2007), pp. 801-810.


   title={Hardware-accelerated volume rendering for real-time medical data visualization},

   author={Shen, R. and Boulanger, P.},

   journal={Advances in Visual Computing},





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Volumetric data rendering has become an important tool in various medical procedures as it allows the unbiased visualization of fine details of volumetric medical data (CT, MRI, fMRI). However, due to the large amount of computation involved, the rendering time increases dramatically as the size of the data set grows. This paper presents several acceleration techniques of volume rendering using general-purpose GPU. Some techniques enhance the rendering speed of software ray casting based on voxels
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