Piko: A Design Framework for Programmable Graphics Pipelines

Anjul Patney, Stanley Tzeng, Kerry A. Seitz Jr., John D. Owens
University of California, Davis
arXiv:1404.6293 [cs.GR], (25 Apr 2014)



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We present Piko, a design framework for designing efficient programmable graphics pipelines. Piko is built around managing work granularity in a programmable and flexible manner, allowing programmers to build load-balanced parallel pipeline implementations, to exploit spatial and producer-consumer locality in the pipeline, and to explore tradeoffs between these considerations. Piko programmers describe a pipeline as a series of stages factored into AssignBin, Schedule, and Process phases, and the Piko compiler, Pikoc, analyzes and synthesizes this pipeline, outputting a set of optimized kernels that implement the pipeline and a header file containing code to launch the pipeline.
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