GPU Computing for Atmospheric Modeling

Rory Kelly
NCAR, Boulder
Computing in Science and Engineering, Vol. 12, No. 4. (2010), pp. 26-33.


   title={GPU Computing for Atmospheric Modeling},

   author={Kelly, R.},

   journal={Computing in Science & Engineering},








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Much success has been achieved using GPUs to accelerate existing applications that are highly data parallel, or that are dominated by small, intense computational kernels. What are the prospects for porting existing large scientific models that do not fit this mold? We take an expensive routine from the CAM atmosphere model, and port it to a GPU using CUDA. We use the experience gained as a guide in thinking about porting the full application to an accelerator based system. We consider the best path forward for getting large scientific models running on accelerator based systems, and identify cases where porting may be feasible, and where a complete redesign may be the best option.
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