High Performance Computing of Meshless Time Domain Method on Multi-GPU Cluster

Soichiro Ikuno, Susumu Nakata, Yuta Hirokawa, Taku Itoh
School of Computer Science, Tokyo University of Technology, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0982, Japan
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 574, 012106, 2015


   author={Soichiro Ikuno and Susumu Nakata and Yuta Hirokawa and Taku Itoh},

   title={High Performance Computing of Meshless Time Domain Method on Multi-GPU Cluster},

   journal={Journal of Physics: Conference Series},







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High performance computing of Meshless Time Domain Method (MTDM) on multi-GPU using the supercomputer HA-PACS (Highly Accelerated Parallel Advanced system for Computational Sciences) at University of Tsukuba is investigated. Generally, the finite difference time domain (FDTD) method is adopted for the numerical simulation of the electromagnetic wave propagation phenomena. However, the numerical domain must be divided into rectangle meshes, and it is difficult to adopt the problem in a complexed domain to the method. On the other hand, MTDM can be easily adept to the problem because MTDM does not requires meshes. In the present study, we implement MTDM on multi-GPU cluster to speedup the method, and numerically investigate the performance of the method on multi-GPU cluster. To reduce the computation time, the communication time between the decomposed domain is hided below the perfect matched layer (PML) calculation procedure. The results of computation show that speedup of MTDM on 128 GPUs is 173 times faster than that of single CPU calculation.
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