Research on the fast Fourier transform of image based on GPU

Feifei Shen, Zhenjian Song, Congrui Wu, Jiaqi Geng, Qingyun Wang
arXiv:1505.08019 [cs.MS], (29 May 2015)


   title={Research on the fast Fourier transform of image based on GPU},

   author={Shen, Feifei and Song, Zhenjian and Wu, Congrui and Geng, Jiaqi and Wang, Qingyun},






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Study of general purpose computation by GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) can improve the image processing capability of micro-computer system. This paper studies the parallelism of the different stages of decimation in time radix 2 FFT algorithm, designs the butterfly and scramble kernels and implements 2D FFT on GPU. The experiment result demonstrates the validity and advantage over general CPU, especially in the condition of large input size. The approach can also be generalized to other transforms alike.
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