GPU-accelerated elastic 3D image registration for intra-surgical applications

Daniel Ruijters, Bart M. ter Haar Romeny, Paul Suetens
Interventional X-Ray Innovation, Philips Healthcare, The Netherlands
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine (15 October 2010)


   title={GPU-accelerated elastic 3D image registration for intra-surgical applications},

   author={Ruijters, D. and ter Haar Romeny, B.M. and Suetens, P.},

   journal={Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine},





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Local motion within intra-patient biomedical images can be compensated by using elastic image registration. The application of B-spline based elastic registration during interventional treatment is seriously hampered by its considerable computation time. The graphics processing unit (GPU) can be used to accelerate the calculation of such elastic registrations by using its parallel processing power, and by employing the hardwired tri-linear interpolation capabilities in order to efficiently perform the cubic B-spline evaluation. In this article it is shown that the similarity measure and its derivatives also can be calculated on the GPU, using a two pass approach. On average a speedup factor 50 compared to a straight-forward CPU implementation was reached.
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