[Serbian] The Methods and Procedures for Accelerating Operations and Queries in Large Database Systems and Data Warehouse (Big Data Systems)

Jovan Ivkovic
University of Novom Sadu
University of Novom Sadu, 2016



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The research topic of this doctoral thesis is the possibility of establishing a model for big data systems with corresponding software- hardware architectures to support sensor networks and IoT devices. The developed model is based on energy efficient, heterogeneous, massively parallelised SoC hardware platforms, with the support of software application architecture (such as openCL) for unified operations. In addition to current hardware, software and network computing technologies, and architecture intended to operate subcomponents of the system modeled in this paper, is presented as an historical overview of their development. Which emphasizes the tendency of the cyclic movement of the conceptual paradigm of computing, through the unique era of centralization/decentralization of computing. The thesis presents the technology and methods to accelerate operations in databases and data warehouses. We also investigate the possibilities for a better preparation of big data information systems to meet the needs of the newly announced IT revolution in the announced general application of computing called Ubiquitous computing and the Internet of Things (IoT)
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