Interactive Out-of-core Visualisation of Very Large Landscapes on Commodity Graphics Platform

P. Cignoni, F. Ganovelli, E. Gobbetti, F. Marton, F. Ponchio, R. Scopigno
CRS4, POLARIS Edificio 1, C.P. 25, I-09010 Pula (CA), Italy
Virtual Storytelling, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2003, Volume 2897/2003, 21-29 (2003)


   title={Interactive Out-of-core Visualisation of Very Large Landscapes on Commodity Graphics Platform},

   author={Cignoni, P. and Ganovelli, F. and Gobbetti, E. and Marton, F. and Ponchio, F. and Scopigno, R.},

   journal={Virtual Storytelling},





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We recently introduced an efficient technique for out-of-core rendering and management of large textured landscapes. The technique, called Batched Dynamic Adaptive Meshes (BDAM), is based on a paired tree structure: a tiled quadtree for texture data and a pair of bintrees of small triangular patches for the geometry. These small patches are TINs that are constructed and optimized off-line with high quality simplification and tristripping algorithms. Hierarchical view frustum culling and view-dependendent texture/geometry refinement is performed at each frame with a stateless traversal algorithm that renders a continuous adaptive terrain surface by assembling out of core data. Thanks to the batched CPU/GPU communication model, the proposed technique is not processor intensive and fully harnesses the power of current graphics hardware. This paper summarizes the method and discusses the results obtained in a virtual flythrough over a textured digital landscape derived from aerial imaging.
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