Embedded real-time stereo estimation via Semi-Global Matching on the GPU

Daniel Hernandez-Juarez, Alejandro Chacon, Antonio Espinosa, David Vazquez, Juan Carlos Moure, Antonio Manuel Lopez
Computer Architecture & Operating Systems Department (CAOS), Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
arXiv:1610.04121 [cs.CV], (13 Oct 2016)


   title={Embedded real-time stereo estimation via Semi-Global Matching on the GPU},

   author={Hernandez-Juarez, Daniel and Chacon, Alejandro and Espinosa, Antonio and Vazquez, David and Moure, Juan Carlos and Lopez, Antonio Manuel},







Dense, robust and real-time computation of depth information from stereo-camera systems is a computationally demanding requirement for robotics, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles. Semi-Global Matching (SGM) is a widely used algorithm that propagates consistency constraints along several paths across the image. This work presents a real-time system producing reliable disparity estimation results on the new embedded energy-efficient GPU devices. Our design runs on a Tegra X1 at 42 frames per second (fps) for an image size of 640×480, 128 disparity levels, and using 4 path directions for the SGM method.
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