GA3C: GPU-based A3C for Deep Reinforcement Learning

Mohammad Babaeizadeh, Iuri Frosio, Stephen Tyree, Jason Clemons, Jan Kautz
arXiv:1611.06256 [cs.LG], (18 Nov 2016)


   title={GA3C: GPU-based A3C for Deep Reinforcement Learning},

   author={Babaeizadeh, Mohammad and Frosio, Iuri and Tyree, Stephen and Clemons, Jason and Kautz, Jan},






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We introduce and analyze the computational aspects of a hybrid CPU/GPU implementation of the Asynchronous Advantage Actor-Critic (A3C) algorithm, currently the state-of-the-art method in reinforcement learning for various gaming tasks. Our analysis concentrates on the critical aspects to leverage the GPU’s computational power, including the introduction of a system of queues and a dynamic scheduling strategy, potentially helpful for other asynchronous algorithms as well. We also show the potential for the use of larger DNN models on a GPU. Our TensorFlow implementation achieves a significant speed up compared to our CPU-only implementation, and it will be made publicly available to other researchers.
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