Interactive Pixel-Accurate Free Viewpoint Rendering from Images with Silhouette Aware Sampling

A. Hornung, L. Kobbelt
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Computer Graphics Forum, Vol. 28, No. 8. (2009), pp. 2090-2103


   title={Interactive Pixel-Accurate Free Viewpoint Rendering from Images with Silhouette Aware Sampling},

   author={Hornung, A. and Kobbelt, L.},

   booktitle={Computer Graphics Forum},






   organization={Wiley Online Library}


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We present an integrated, fully GPU-based processing pipeline to interactively render new views of arbitrary scenes from calibrated but otherwise unstructured input views. In a two-step procedure, our method first generates for each input view a dense proxy of the scene using a new multi-view stereo formulation. Each scene proxy consists of a structured cloud of feature aware particles which automatically have their image space footprints aligned to depth discontinuities of the scene geometry and hence effectively handle sharp object boundaries and occlusions. We propose a particle optimization routine combined with a special parameterization of the view space that enables an efficient proxy generation as well as robust and intuitive filter operators for noise and outlier removal. Moreover, our generic proxy generation allows us to flexibly handle scene complexities ranging from small objects up to complete outdoor scenes. The second phase of the algorithm combines these particle clouds in real-time into a view-dependent proxy for the desired output view and performs a pixel-accurate accumulation of the colour contributions from each available input view. This makes it possible to reconstruct even fine-scale view-dependent illumination effects. We demonstrate how all these processing stages of the pipeline can be implemented entirely on the GPU with memory efficient, scalable data structures for maximum performance. This allows us to generate new output renderings of high visual quality from input images in real-time.
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